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Barrel $85.00
Bow Accessories $25.00
Bow Limbs $50.00
Bow Riser $85.00
Bow: Whole Bow (Limbs and Riser) $135.00
Butt Stock $85.00
Cams / Wheels (price per) $25.00
Cell Phone $25.00
Deer Skull $50.00
European Head Mounts $50.00
Forearm Stock $85.00
Golf Club $50.00
Gun Accessory $25.00
Pistol Grip $50.00
Pistol Whole Gun $100.00
Shotgun Receiver $50.00
Shotgun Scope $55.00
Stock $85.00
Whole Gun – Rifle/Shotgun $135.00

RaHoffer LLC. is a highly flexible dipping facility capable of doing large volume production runs as well as custom work. Popular items and pricing are listed below. Prices may vary due to pattern availability.